The City of Istar

Welcome Traveler!

Perhaps you came in with a group of traveling merchants looking to make some coin. A pilgrim, traveling to Istar’s famous cathedral? A thrill seeker, seeking to enter the nearby cursed and abandoned mage’s tower, that no one has ever been able to enter before! Come to learn from the ways of magic from the Mages Guild? Were you born and raised here? Or maybe you’re just a mercenary, looking for a job to get you by…

Whatever your reason, you are here, and you know that the city is far from peaceful. The town proper is well guarded but there have been bandit raids, monster problems, abductions in the night, and there are even whispers that the mage’s tower is not as abandoned as everyone thought.

All you know is, there is something for everyone here. So the real question is… why are YOU here?

Istar's Nightmare

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