Lord Mayor Daedrin the Lightbringer

The Lord Mayor of the City of Istar


Retired Human Paladin of Sarenrae


Daedrin is a retired adventurer who, in his youth, saved the small town of Istar before it grew into what it is today. When Daedrin was tired of traveling, he settled in Istar, which had grown significantly since he was last there. The people however did not forget Daedrin, and shortly elected him as Lord Mayor of the City.

Daedrin has been a fair and just ruler. Although some people feel that he is too accepting and trusting of others and outsiders, Daedrin has opened the city to anyone and everyone.

Daedrin is a follower of Sarenrae, but acknowledges the full pantheon of gods, even the evil ones. He may not worship them, but he recognizes their divine power.

Lord Mayor Daedrin the Lightbringer

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