Xanzek, Born of the Brood

A human taken by insects, made one of their own.


Xanzek had no name before his second birth. He was a child of the forest. Possibly an unwanted castaway or lost by travelers – even he does not remember. The first memory Xanzek had was one of prickling. Tactile memories of damp mud and crawling swarms of chittering beings all over and around him. The strong smell of earth and decay and the feeling of fluttering wings.

Kloth-menfawksec-kuris had no actual name, its insect mandibles not being able to produce anything remotely name-like to a common-tongue speaker. It did possess, however, a superior intellect and a will, driven by the horde of thousands of different species of insect that it commanded. It had plead with a forest-god to give it the means to fight the fleshy, humanoid creatures that murdered its children in droves and threatened to burn its forests and hovels to the ground. Its prayer came in the form of a druidic baby, found (and nearly consumed) by the teeming minions of the insect lord. Knowing that the end was coming for it and its kind, the great insect spent years nurturing the child into young-adulthood, fostering its innate connection to nature while teaching it everything it needed to integrate with the humanoids. It’s possible that the child was to be a gap of understanding between insect-kind and humanoids. After decades of bloody conflict, perhaps deep down within the Great Insect there was a desire for peace.

Hours before the fires came, Xanzeck was granted called before the small-building-sized immobile insect being and given his name and a single purpose: “Live and see.”

Rushed from the den by his closest beetle companion and with the heat of an inferno at their backs, the words he was left with turned to hate in his heart.

Over time Xanzek’s connection with nature grew to include non-insect animal species but his preference always lie with his 6 and 8 (or more)-legged friends.

Xanzek, Born of the Brood

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